1. Acceptance
    This website and tracking service by SMS (hereinafter the Service) is available to any user, for their own consumption, and subject to the terms and conditions: these Terms of Use and Contract (hereinafter TUC), our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.
    When you use the Service, you accept these TUC and the other terms and conditions.
    With it, you also agree to not use this site for illegal purposes.
  2. Description of the Service
    Through the Service, the website allows to track the current position of a person that has consented to be tracked. The Service allows an SMS to be sent to the recipient to inform them about the access request to their location. If the recipient of the message accepts, the recipient’s geoposition at that specific moment is shared with the requesting party.
    In no case shall the geolocation go beyond that specific moment in which it has been accepted.
    The monthly payment of the service does not guarantee that the person you are looking for can be tracked, the means to achieve this shall only be provided. But if the person is missing, or the mobile phone of the sharing party has been stolen or turned off or they do not accept the link we send by SMS, we will not be able to get their GPS position.
  3. Age
    With regards to the use of the Service, you state that you are of legal age and that you have the legal capacity necessary to be bound by this agreement and to use it in accordance with its terms and conditions, which you fully understand and acknowledge.

    You state that all the information you provide to access the Service, before and during its usage, is true, complete and accurate.
  4. Validity of tenders
    The service offered, and the prices of their possible plans or arrangements will be available for purchase while they are accessible through this website.

    In any case, example.com reserves the right to make the service changes it deems appropriate and can update products and services based on the market demands and trends.

    In relation to the prices listed on the web, gpsfind.mobi reserves the right to change them without a notice.
    We inform you that despite the updates that are made to service prices, mistakes could occur. We will promptly correct any errors that appear, but will not be binding on the Service.
  5.  Guarantees
    Although gpsfind.mobi make all reasonable efforts to provide the Service marketing efforts, you understand that: a) the user gpsfind.mobi requires the consent of the receiver; b) that even with their consent, the state of technology does not guarantee that its location is always obtained or can be performed with sufficient accuracy.

    In any case, to the extent permitted by law, gpsfind.mobi reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel the Service on its sole discretion.
  6.  Liability
    Prior to using the service, you confirm that: a) you have obtained the phone number you intend to locate in a lawful manner and with the consent of the owner, and; b) you intend to not use the Service for any unlawful purpose.

    On the other hand, to the extent permitted by applicable law, gpsfind.mobi will not be liable for any loss of data or derivative use of the Service programs.
  7. Refund Policy
    We stand behind our services and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However,because out services are carried out automatically after payment we generally offer no refunds.